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who knows what or how long, just as I had hoped. I am Matthew Furfine and this is my personal web site. Let's say I like to keep things clear and simple when possible, and I have tried to design things accordingly.

I am in the process of "publishing" some of my on-going efforts to render the English language learnable. Italian students can find tools to improve their English and hopefully pass an exam sooner. All material has been used as courseware at the Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia at the Università di Palermo. More material will be added if it seems to be useful enough. Click on ESL.

My interests in DV-editing and digital photography are represented here as well. Click on video or on photos.

You might also want to try and lighten up a bit in the comic zone. Click on humor.

Music is what makes most sense to me. Soon I will add more to the section dedicated to music.

May you find something you like, visitor number .